Passenger Assistants and Drivers Photo Submission

Please read before submitting your photo

This website enables approved Passenger Assistants and Drivers in East Sussex to capture and upload a photograph to appear on their identification badges. If a photograph is not supplied or is not suitable then a badge cannot be issued.

You should only complete this form if you are a passenger assistant or driver and have received clearance to work on East Sussex County Council transport contracts.

To apply, you must be able to either enter a current unexpired DBS reference number or have applied for new DBS certification on the basis of having held a previously clear DBS which expired in the last three months.

The photograph must be a typical head and shoulders colour passport-style photo - looking directly at the camera, the right way up, no head or face covering (unless for religious or medical reasons), no tinted glasses (unless for medical reasons), neither too dark nor too light and against a reasonably plain background. The system will guide the User through a simple cropping stage to ensure the uploaded image is of the correct aspect (height/width) ratio.

Once processed, and approved by East Sussex County Council Passenger Transport, your badge will be issued to your employer for collection.